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How to spot a Psychopath
In Manchester November 11th.
In Birmingham November 25th.
In London December 9th.

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As standard lectures, I offer the following:


The Psychopath at Work

The psychopathic colleague or boss is him (or her!) who always violates unwritten rules. He comes in too late, lies, always chooses the easy solution, takes crazy chances and risks, and acts selfishly and like a dictator. Learn how to spot the psychopath at your workplace, and get advice on how to best protect yourself and the business or organization you work in.


The Psychopath in a Relationship

The psychopathic boyfriend/girlfriend is the one who always put themselves and their needs first. The psychopath is dominant and will determine everything. Adultery is often present, and when you find out, he promises you diamonds and pearls. Many psychopaths drink too much or abuse illegal drugs. Violence and harassment are often a part of your daily life with a psychopath. Learn how to tackle the psychopath in your private life and become better at setting up limits and learn how to say no! . 


The Criminal Psychopath

We read about them in the newspapers and watch them on TV. They are serial killers, rapists or the habitual offenders, who, already in the prison, are planning the next crime. Join into an exciting, but also terrifying universe, and take a journey into the criminal mind that contains emotional coldness, cynical planning, and sometimes sadism. This is not something for a delicate soul!


The Psychology of a Fanatic

Terrorism was also present before September 11th, 2001, but after the attack on the World Trade Centre, everyone talks about the fanatism where the end justifies the mean. Learn to understand the brains belonging to members of Islamic State and other terrorists. What psychological factors leads to the killing of hundreds of people and to decapitate in public? Are they all "just" insane? Get close to and learn about the fanatic mind.


Conflict Management

How do you handle conflicts with your colleagues or employees? The key to conflict management begins with knowing your own psychological advantages and weaknesses. Get the tools to tackle a difficult colleague, client or a customer.

Get better at understanding your surroundings and learn to understand the psychology of many everyday challenges.


Depression and Anxiety

Approximately, every fifth person, at some point in life, develops a depression or an anxiety disorder. Depression and anxiety are the most common psychological causes of sick leave in private companies and public institutions. What lies behind terms like stress, burnout and post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)? The lecture will help you in understanding this and give you an overview of treatment options. 

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